My name is Alex Cendron and I’m an actor. I entered the professional world at the end of 2004, when I graduated with full marks from the Civica Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Nico Pepe in Udine. It took a few years, however, before I could consider myself as a professional actor to all intents and purposes. With patience and luck, and perhaps even a little talent, I have transformed my greatest passion into my profession. I’m an actor, who likes acting without any border among theatre, cinema and television. Besides, I’ve also started to experiment my acting approach as a teacher in the school, the Nico Pepe Academy, in which I used to get trained and now hold seminars on “Pragmatic of the Scene“: a form of active and structural analysis of texts and scene dynamics. I also like to experiment with writing texts for the show. To be honest, I am fascinated by lighting engineering and scenography, and also by illusionism, tailoring, mentalism, and magic in all its forms. I’m skeptical and square, but I Iive hoping and dreaming about wonders. In short, I think it is now clear that I am a “compulsive” spin doctor, whom Amazon would certainly have put in the secret list of book buyers, often called “our golden-egg hens who buy more books than they actually read”.

     I lead a life a bit bohemian, a bit monastic, and a bit deluded; but I tend to be happy. However, it wasn’t easy at first. Despite the fact that from a very young age I showed excellent artistic skills (I was not “so modest”), I had to undertake more concrete studies with immediate work opportunities, due to economic and pragmatic necessities. After I graduated as a chief technician in industrial electronics, I immediately started to work as “a manufacturer of luminous and non-lighted signs”, then as a warehouseman in a bank archive, and finally as a technical clerk in a computer shop, where I sold, assembled and repaired personal computers. Once I reached the economic autonomy, I decided to finance my studies in the field that has fascinated me since I was a child. With the full support and help of my mother, I entered the Civica Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Nico Pepe in Udine.

     After graduation, I acted mainly in independent productions, and I also collaborated with stable theatres. I had the privilege of interpreting characters of contemporary dramaturgy and acting in the Chekhov rewritten by Leo Muscato and in texts by writer, such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Giovanni Testori, Renata Ciaravino, Sergio Pierattini, and Francesca Sangalli. Among many theatrical works that I am devoted into, I have worked with Massimo Popolizio, Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, and Manuela Mandracchia, in the performed in Ibsen’s John Gabriel Borkman, directed by Piero Maccarinelli, and in Alexi Kaye Campbell’s The Pride, directed by Luca Zingaretti. To my great joy and amazement, I was a finalist candidate of the best leading actor of the year 2019 at the Premio Maschere del Teatro Italiano, for my performance as Don Lorenzo Milani in the script by Leo Muscato and Laura Perini. I had the joy of dueting alongside Amanda Sandrelli in the Goldoni’s Locandiera, rewritten by Francesco Niccolini; and for years, I have been collaborating with Massimiliano Cividati and experimenting, thanks to his direction, with more innovative forms of theatre, such as “physical theatre”. As far as cinema and TV, I have worked in RAI television productions and in a handful of films with cinema acting alongside actors, including Claudio Bisio, Diego Abatantuono, Enrico Brignano, Neri Marcorè, Alessandro Gassmann, Marco Giallini, Ambra Angiolini, Fabrizio Gifuni etc… I pay my rent often when I work for various spot for commercial products. I have dedicated myself to several short films and I have experimented myself as a director in theatre in the production trilogy of Giovio15, PRiMIDIAMiDIARiMIDIA.
As mentioned before, I am in continuous research and I like to deepen my study in all aspects, from gardening to philosophy, from psychology to the dramatic Italian method, from cybernetics to many other topics, all of which, to me, seem to be connected and communicating with each other. I used to be a theatre student, and now I am a scholar of theatre and life.


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